Tattoo Balm

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Looking for something to apply to your tattoo that will help keep it looking fresh and moisturized?

Our tattoo aftercare balm is enriched with natural healing ingredients which helps accelerate the healing process when getting a new tattoo.  Our tattoo balm is ultra hydrating which helps boosts the vibrancy of new and existing art work.  It also helps prevent ink discoloration and unwanted spreading so you can look your best!   

You will enjoy the soft amazing fragrance of lavender honey.  It’s soothing and refreshing!

Our unique tattoo balm is the perfect gift for any tattoo enthusiast. If you have tattoos, buy this, you’ll be glad you did!

2 reviews for Tattoo Balm

  1. Rachel Chico

    As a tattoo artist using this product daily, I can say it’s very pleasant to use. The smell is great and the ingredients are amazing. Once the product is applied, I see that the skin is easier to work with because the product hydrates quickly. It melts and glides on skin so I can worry about the artwork! I recommend this product to my clients now for their aftercare process as well.

  2. Heather Baker

    Totally LOVE this product ‼️🤟 keeps my tattoos lubricated all while healing the tissues. Keeps my skin hydrated while also keeping my cloths clean.

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